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Blue Stream leads the way in high-value recruiting within the Smart Technologies Industry.


BlueStream Consultancy provides human capital management advisory services to businesses within the Smart Cities ecosystem. Our aim is to guide organizations expand their business in the APAC region by using our extensive network of talent and industry knowledge.


Our Mission is to provide and deliver bespoke recruitment solutions for our partners, so that they can part-take in the growth of Asia’s smart ecosystem. Finding the right candidate that fits our client’s requirements is central our value proposition. We match candidates possessing the right technical and soft skills, relevant experience, and similar organizational culture and core values as our client, so that they meet the organization's strategic direction.

At Blue Stream, we believe that building sustainable and long-term relationships with our partners is fundamental to delivering truly bespoke services to our clients and it's essential to our way of working. We integrate our services with our clients to have a deep understanding the company, its employees, the technology, its products and services, and the competitive landscape, which ultimately helps us guide our clients to successful hires. Expertise in identifying key areas of development for our clients is one way in which we add value to our customers. Having a deep understanding of what skill sets and experience is required to growth the company allows us to strategically hire for the future of APAC.

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